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Easy Maintenance at Anchor

Easy Maintenance At Anchor While you’re at the sandbar or rafted with friends this weekend, dive overboard and inspect the boat’s bottom. Usually, the transom can stand a scrub to remove fouling, since not much “washing action” occurs there. Ditto for the scum line above the painted waterline. You may also have a layer of slime on your boat’s bottom. The trick is to remove the growth without removing too much bottom paint. A scrap of shag carpet can often be used with good results. It removes soft growth without scuffing off too much bottom paint. For hard growth, like barnacles, use a paint scraper with the corners filed round to prevent gouging. Or, buy the Dirty Bird Scraper ($42, with rounded corners, a prop shaft notch and a pick for cleaning intakes. If you're in need of below the waterline work while your vessel is still in the water, call us today at#MarinerServicesInc. at (239)776-4253 for a no-cost, no obligation quote!

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