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My Boat Won't Steer

Uh Oh, My Boat Won't Steer!!

When you turn the wheel, the engine/outdrive doesn't turn. Or, it's frozen in place.

Solution: Most likely, the steering system is low on hydraulic fluid, or it has sprung a leak. Add fluid as needed to get the system working. If you do notice fluid seeping out of the console or a fitting near the motor, see if you can tighten the fitting. If the drive is frozen in place, it could be a mechanical failure - possibly a loose connection on the steering arm. On boats with full mechanical steering, the glitch could involve any part of the cable system. Tracing the lines is the best way to find the problem.

Prevention: Check the steering fluid level periodically, and lubricate and service mechanical systems. You'll also want to carry an extra jug of hydraulic fluid onboard with a small funnel.

If you'd like a free inspection of your vessel's steering control system, call us today at #MarinerServicesInc. at (239)776-4253!

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