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Don't Get Shafted! -

We had to share this photo of what we found yesterday on a Client annual haul-out. There was a serious vibration on the starboard side, and a short-haul was recommended, as it had been 14 months since the last haul, and the vessel was ready for a new bottom. 1. Shafts should be centered in their bearings. Check the stuffing box as well as at the struts. Remember that a minor misalignment at the bearings is multiplied by the length of the shaft. 2. Check your zincs at least once a year. Replace sacrificial anodes if they have lost half their weight — not just size. A full-size anode that looks like Swiss cheese has got to go. Don’t paint them, and make sure they are fastened tight. If you'd like help with coordinating your vessel's haul or running gear inspection, give us a call today at#MarinerServicesInc. at (239)776-4253!

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