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Varnish Problems and Solutions

The Problem: The varnish on your teak trim is cracked in the corners and other places where there are joints in the wood. The Cause: Varnish adhesion on teak is a touchy proposition. The Fix: Your boat's wood trim moves a bit as the boat works and flexes. Since varnish isn't flexible, it will crack at the joints. Getting varnish to adhere to teak is all about surface preparation. Sand any cracked areas thoroughly, or remove the old varnish completely. Wipe clean with a tack rag soaked in acetone before applying the new varnish in thin coats. By the way, the answer isn't numerous coats, as thin coats (2 to 3) on joints are less prone to cracking. If this is a problem on your vessel, and you need help with the fix, call us today at#MarinerServicesInc., (239) 776-4253 for a quick, no-obligation and affordable estimate!

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