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Cockpit Drains and Scuppers

It's "Maintenance Monday", and today we're talking about the importance of cockpit drains and scuppers. One cannot escape the marine fact that boats take on water. Whether from ocean spray, rain, wet things and people, water gets onto the deck. Most of the time it can be sluiced off easily, but in the cockpit this water tends to puddle without proper drainage. In these cases, a clear scupper and cockpit drain can help redirect that water back into the ocean where it belongs.

The cockpit drain should always be kept clear of debris. This means clear of debris at the drainage opening, through the pipe, and at its outside opening. Failure to keep it clean can cause water to back up the pipe and flood the cockpit, possibly damaging sensitive and expensive electronic equipment or storage. Boat owners should always sweep the drain opening clear whenever any debris gathers near or around it; this small cleaning will stave off larger clogs in the future. Also, owners should consider having the pipes professionally swept once a year to get rid of any buildup. Finally, the outside port should always be monitored. Anything that catches on the scupper or around the drain should be removed. Boat strainers are a good way to keep the drain and scupper clear of debris.

With proper installation and maintenance, cockpit drains and scuppers can work together seamlessly to keep a cockpit dry and your boat above water.

If you'd like a no-cost,-no-obligation consultation regarding the maintenance of your vessels drains and scuppers, call us today at #MarinerServicesInc. at (239)776-4253!

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